Geeks Venture Studio

Venture Studio partners with entrepreneurs to create global SaaS startups from Alaska

As the Gateway to the Arctic, Alaska is part of a global North that is pivotal to today's world. Alaska's people, land, animals, technology, and shifting climate comprise the core of the North's many possible futures. By leveraging the strong sense of community and connection to nature, we believe startups focused on solving challenging opportunities with software can thrive in Alaska.

Geeks Venture Studio provides talent, financial resources and agile software tech to entrepreneurs to help them build ideas into scalable companies.

Since resources are constrained in Alaska, our venture studio focuses on startups with a software focus. Tech startups focused on solving problems with software have lower barriers and fewer dependances beyond having a great team to build a great product. Our venture studio team consists of startup professionals with vast experience in both software engineering and entrepreneurship. Whether solo entrepreneur or a team of 2-3 co-founders, our venture studio partners with the entrepreneurs. As co-founders, we work to rapidly validate the idea and build it into a scalable business.

Geeks Venture Studio for software-as-a-service startups creates sustainable businesses that generate both rapid and long-term economic growth.

Partnering to Build and Invest in Startups

Our venture studio team partners with tech entrepreneurs in Alaska to build scalable software as a service (SaaS) businesses. Our full-stack approach drives the entrepreneur's idea through to become a scaling insurgent company.

Approach to Bulding and Investing

Tech for Software-as-a-Service Businesses

We leverage our unique software framework that we have developed specifically for Software as a Service (SaaS) startups. The framework enables us to bootstrap custom code that solves real problems, and in turn, accelerate ideas into scalable businesses quickly and efficiently.

Tech to Bootstap SaaS Startups

Idea for Saas Startup and want Partners?

If you have an idea for an opportunity in a growing industry that can be tackled with Software-as-a-Service, we would like to explore the opportunity with you. Start the collaboration by submitting a brief summary of your idea.

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What is a Venture Studio?

There are over 65 venture studios across the world, of which 17 have been built since 2013. Learn more about what is startup venture studio including venture studio vs accelerator and venture studio vs incubator.

There is quite a range of variations between the types startup and venture studios and each aligns to a defined model. Some studios only work exclusively on seed-stage investments, while others concentrate upon those with a higher revenue traction rate.